Global Babies

Global Babies

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By: The Global Fund For Children

Appealing photos of babies from seventeen cultures around the globe are woven together by simple narration. Global Babies presents children in cultural context. Diverse settings highlight specific differences in clothing, daily life, and traditions, as well as demonstrate that babies around the world are nurtured by the love, caring, and joy that surround them.

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The Global Fund For Children

The Global Fund for Children develops innovative titles that help young readers expand their appreciation of the multicultural world in which they live. Each book depicts positive images of children, promotes multiculturalism, and integrates the children's perspective into the text.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these books helps support The Global Fund for Children's grantmaking toward community-based projects benefiting children around the world.

Read more about The Global Fund for Children.

Awards & Honors:

  • Book Sense Children's Pick List
  • National Parenting Publications Gold Award
  • ABC Best Books for Children
  • A Chicago Public Library Best of the Best
  • CCBC Choices
  • Booklist Notable Children's Books
  • Capitol Choices
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Seal Award
  • Beginning with Books' Best of the Best Books for Babies
  • ALA Notable Children's Book

Editorial Reviews:

Booklist, starred review

Striking in its simplicity and effectiveness, this colorful board book takes into account two fundamental facts. First, babies like to look at faces, particularly the faces of other babies. Second, today's babies will grow up in a world that is, increasingly, a global neighborhood. This introduces young children to their neighbors throughout the world by providing clear photographs of babies in Guatemala, Thailand, Greenland, Mali, the U.S., India, South Africa, Fiji, Peru, Afghanistan, Malawi, Spain, Iraq, Rwanda, and Bhutan. Like Ajmera's earlier books connected with the nonprofit organization Global Fund for Children, such as To Be a Kid and Be My Neighbor, this title seeks a broad, inclusive sense of community. Each page features a single child in a photo shown against a rich, solid background color. Appearing phrase by phrase at the bottom of the pages, the book's complete text reads, "Wherever they live, / wherever they go, / whatever they wear, / whatever they feel, / babies everywhere / are beautiful, / special, / and loved." Attuned to its audience, the book's close-ups emphasize the children's faces and create a feeling of connection between subject and viewer. In an era hewn board books too often recycle picture book stores intended for older children, here's one that is just right for babies and toddlers.

Swanky Moms

I am a big believer in the importance of reading to my newborn as soon as possible. But where does one start? Charlesbridge Publishing has an engaging line of books specifically written for wee tykes.

I especially liked Baby Animals Black and White, a wordless board book with striking black-and-white illustrations of animals like a Dalmatian puppy, a panda cub, and a Holstein calf.

Global Babies, a newly published board book, has adorable pictures of babies from around the world, with the message that “wherever they live … babies everywhere are beautiful, special, and loved.” Plus, a portion of the book’s proceeds are donated to the Global Fund for Children.

The beautifully illustrated board book Busy Toes will be such fun to act out with my little guy as he gets older. And the two portable, colorful accordion fold-out books Who Has More? Who Has Fewer? and Who Is Bigger? Who Is Smaller? do a clear job at teaching counting and relational sizes for toddlers.

A Year of Reading

I am always looking for new board books for baby gifts. I often put together a bag or basket of board books as a new baby or baby shower gift. I always buy some of the classics but love to include new books in the mix.

Global Babies by the Global Fund for Children and published by Charlesbridge Publishing is a great new addition to the board book collection. It is an adorable small board book highlighting a baby from somewhere in the world on each page. The photographs are colorful and many babies are dressed in traditional clothing. The text that goes along with each page is simple. The draw is definitely in the adorable faces on each page.

I didn't know about the Global Fund for Children but I read that they develop titles "to support appreciation of the multicultural world in which they live". Some of the profit from these books go to the fund to support children around the world. I'll keep my eyes out for other books by the Global Fun for Children.

Since most babies love to look at other babies, I think parents and new babies alike would love this book.

Classy Mommy

A recent favorite book for my 21 month old Mackenzie is Global Babies produced by Charlesbridge Publishers. This is one of those simple and sweet books she asks me to read again and again and again. Global Babies has pictures of babies from 17 different cultures around the world and Kenzie absolutely fascinated by all the different faces and clothing. And the best part is that part of the proceeds from this book's sales are donated to The Global Fund for Children.

Cool Mom Picks

As a bi-racial woman raising a multi-racial child in a homogenous suburban neighborhood, it's challenging to provide my daughter with a wide range of cultural experiences. In plain speak: All the kids are white!

While books and magazines aren't a replacement for real life interactions, they can be a great place to start. Take Global Babies, a new book from Charlesbridge Publishers and developed by the Global Fund for Children who gets a portion of the proceeds from the book. It's a simple board book highlighting babies from a variety of cultures in traditional garb. I was especially pleased to see a Native American baby representing the USA and not just some freckled kid in a baseball uniform.

No matter how different the babies look from your own, one thing is for certain: They are all adorable. I can't imagine a child of any race not totally loving this book.

Mother Reader Blog

I can only attribute my prior failure to review this board book to my own laziness, and I’m so sorry. It should be a required baby gift tucked among the tiny onesies and too-cute outfits. Global Babies shows pictures of babies around the world, each naming the country featured. The text is slight, but sweet, basically saying that babies everywhere are special, beautiful, and loved. The photographs are wonderful and the sentiment is important. And at the most basic level, babies love looking at pictures of other babies, so this book is bound to be a hit with the under-two set. If that weren’t enough, part of the proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to The Global Fund for Children.

Capitol Choices

"Babies everywhere are beautiful, special, and loved." This gentle message combined with colorful close-up photographs of infants seventeen different cultures creates a board book perfect for little hands. A great introduction to the global neighborhood.

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

Photographs of babies from all over the world fill this beautiful little book. Wearing their colorful natuve dress these adorable infants with their big eyes look out from the pages of the book reminding us all of the universal need for caring about these innocents with whom we share the planet. This is done in a boad book format to make a sturdy book for little ones to handle. But, in fact, this is a book for everyone . . . in our multicultural world, especially those adults who can make peace over war. Give it as a Valentine to support community based organizations that serve vulnerable children through the Global Fund for Children.

Leslie Roberts Clingan, Moye Elementary

I selected this book from the review books shelves to accompany our orientation lesson for PK-K comparing books to babies. Global Babies is a board book that features adorable, wide-eyed babies in native costume from all over the world. Its message is an idealistic, simple one: that all babies are beautiful, treasured, and loved...and the same message can be conveniently and easily applied to library books! Global Babies will be a big hit with my daycare and PK-K kids as well as their teachers and parents.


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Board Book
ISBN: 978-1-58089-174-5

Ages: 0-3
Page count: 16
6 x 6

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